Thursday, December 10, 2009

Call Waiting

“Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know” Jeremiah 33:3

I received a new phone yesterday. It’s a HUGE improvement over the duct taped “dinosaur” I've been destroying lately. I had just about succeeded in the dinosaur's demise when the new one came in. Perfect timing.

The same day I received my new mode of communication, I received a moment of revelation. What dinosaur of discipline has carried my communication with God lately? Oh, how I’ve tried to destroy it with distractions and tried to hold it together with righteous rags. What am I holding on to, especially when a better deal is free? Perfect.

Part of my prayer is my confession of time wasted in selfishness, static, and silence when it comes to my conversations with Christ. Those are all legalistic symptoms of lacking passion. I look at the prayer phone and see some great stuff: applications that I read about in the manual and I have loaded into my life; but I they aren't fully integrated into my heart drive. I excuse them before I use them. Apps like Prayer over Desperate Needs, Studying His Word, Reading Writings of Saints, Giving of Treasures, Serving of Time, etc. Though freely available, they come with a personal cost of time and attention. They are wonderful apps that enhance my life, so what’s so hard about pressing them into my heart and letting them transform my life as I really desire?

Ah, text. Writing - how much time do I spend writing others and waiting on their responses? How much do I write to Jesus and wait on His response? It's not a comparison, but a conviction of passion and priority.

Above all, there’s the “call” feature. “Call” is the most accessible and least accessed. Something from within me, not the background noise, is creating static and silence in my call.

Over and over I review my need to use the amazing power within my little prayer phone. I spend more time talking about my missed calls, rather than just making the calls. The line is open. Call now. Praise, petition, post a status of heart and mind. Just call.

Today I consistently minimize all that is blocking my call. Today I call to Him before I apply to me. Today I hear His Voice in perfect clarity. Wisdom. Love. Joy. Hope. All.

Enjoy Him, Michelle


Anonymous said...

How true that statement is, we call upon ourselves and others instead of calling on him first and last every day, every hour, every minute,He is the Alpha & the Omega; the one who is and was as is to come (Rev.1), Does this not say it all, he is there for us, he never puts us on call waiting!!! I need to set some priorities in my life as to how I use my call waiting, or maybe not us it at all!!!!
Thank you Michelle.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your last blog about the cell phone. Good thoughts. - Joyce