Thursday, October 4, 2012


Pray continuously. 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Communication is the life of the friendship's flow. Like a great river, flowing free and strong, there were conversations of great beauty, depth, and power. Like any great river, boulders and whirlpools created conversations that were difficult, dangerous, and terrifying. All discussions were part of the passage of friendship – beautiful and horrible. Until, without warning, the current stopped.

Communication simply ceased. Rather, it deceased. Never to be resurrected again. One day, words flowed as free as the river. The next day, a dam of silence is discovered. Erected overnight. Still, silent, stagnant. Walk the banks and leave the boat; bury the dead and move on to new life.

On several occasions in my life, this has been the case. Empty boats by the river's edge – no word, no why, no goodbye. Hopes deferred, trust shattered, love left. When communication dies, relationship dies. In some cases, it may be a slow burning of the bridge between two banks. In other cases, such as mine, it may be an immediate obliteration of communication. Either way, love is lost.

The heart both feels the hurt and hears the constant call: “Be with Me. I Am desperate for your words again, my love. Some conversations will be full of beauty, depth, and power. Some conversations will be difficult, dangerous, and terrifying. Some days may feel like I Am silent, but I am never dammed, departed, or deceased. See that the current of communication is never ceasing from My heart to is up to you to release your dams in our relationship, it is up to you to stay in the flow, it is up to you, my love, to speak with Me. Slow to hear the rush of the Water's Words washing over you; Speak to bathe in the Love. This is a River of Relationship that you can trust until the very end. I Am always flowing, never ceasing. When you are abandoned by other loves, remember how I wait for your return. When you are distracted by other discussions, remember how I long to hear your voice. Stay with Me, speak with Me, listen with Me as I Am intimately in you. Find all that we desire in each other; every moment here.”

Enjoy Him, Michelle