Saturday, May 10, 2014

Status Life

“The thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy; I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” John 10:10
Life to the full is offered as a gift; received before revealed.

My friend saw the beauty buried inside of me. She knew that such life wasn't something be talked about, but abundance to be lived. She didn't just discuss me like a painting under review, she led me remove the protective tarp and release my beauty into reality.

The conversation was on style. She gave me hours of her priceless advice on finding a new level of beauty. Between her words and my life was my tarp of complacency.  Her words were true, but my motivation to move had to come from me alone. Turns out, it was much more about reviving me at the heart level than it was restoring me to style. Abundant life v. abundant laziness. Status quo v. brave beauty. Beauty is a choice before it's a display. I was convicted, not chastised, and called to reveal me. Let the ordinary fall and fullness thrive.
She said:
“I spent hours of my time – investing in you, being specific with you as to exactly what you needed to do and say and all of that investment returned void because you didn’t follow what was said. You can give excuse after excuse – but essentially, you chose to fall back into status quo instead of moving forward in the steps required to rise. I feel that the conversation was a waste because you didn’t want success enough to sacrifice forward. Again, the result was mediocre when a move was offered. You are the one who lives with the result. Choose more….”
He said:
“I give you everything, most of all, MYSELF. All wisdom, all worth, all words. More than enough to illuminate you and move you into the most amazing you that I have desired and created you to be. Yet, you choose not to be with me. You determine my words to be “advice,” as if I were a simply a behavioral counselor that gives you guidance in your own decisions actions to make your life “better.” When you choose not to obey My voice, you close off the mind renewing and life transforming words that literally raise who are you to eradicate status quo and live life to the absolutely fullest. What steals your desperation for Me? What keeps My life from flowing in you? Do you hear and pass or seek and find? Listen to Me. Let me release you to live passionately in My love and fully in My life!"
In time, the desire and beauty emerged. But not without a cost. With a beautiful friend, there was a day of “out with the old and in with the new.” There was a trashing of old threads and collecting new clothes. With Yeshua, there was a day of laying down distractions and rising to time in His Presence. It’s a start – every day another start. There is still a cost, still a struggle, still a choice, still a beauty and still a life. This is the day. Choose life.

Enjoy Him, Michelle