Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Garden Child

Genesis 3
“Their eyes were opened” Nothing physically changed them, disobedience spiritually changed them. Sin is not about physical, it is about spiritual being manifested into physical. Sin moves through our humanity to tear our holiness. Sin's first and powerful consequence changes our status and sight; from intimacy to shame. Sin is death to Life.

In the same way, Salvation does not physically change us, it spiritually changes us. It manifest from spiritual to physical in our everyday lives. It doesn’t change how we are as natural humans, it changes how are as “holy humans.” Salvation's first and greatest result is sight altering – God can see us in light and love, and for the first time, we can see ourselves in light and love - from shame in death to intimacy in life. Salvation is Life from death.

In Salvation, our eyes are not closed to our sinful ways, our eyes are opened to our saving grace. Sin is completely destroyed and we are very aware of the snake’s taunts to alter our view of our lives (“did God really say….”). Responses to taunts are not always correct (“…and you must not touch” was not in God’s instructions) and therefore leave more room for a foothold and stronghold to be established. Simply, we must know His Word to obey His Word and to answer for His Word when questioned. False or varying interpretation is not an excuse, it is an entrance to deception. We never lose our salvation once it’s received, we lose our sight of salvation under the guise of circumstance and selfish ambition.

Choice. Shame. Blame. Consequence.

Sin did not cause physical death, however, a consequence of sin was God's image-bearer being prohibited to eternal physical life. Man was created as an eternal being, but not given eternal physical life at his creation. He was given the choice, apparently, with the tree of life. That choice was removed when he choose to eat of the “other tree” instead. Clear instructions were given: “you may eat of life, not of knowledge.” One or the other. The test is not of “knowledge or ignorance” and being denied full use of our minds, but of obedience. “Choose first the kingdom of God (life) and all these things shall be added,” the Creator said. "Any man who lacks wisdom, ask for it" James notes of God.

I note the gardens of choices – the first Garden where man chose disobedience and the second where Christ chose ultimate obedience. At the entrance of the Eden garden, an angel was placed to guard against eternal physical life; at the entrance of the Tomb garden, an angel was placed welcoming us to eternal resurrected life!

I've recently heard other insights. Thorns and thistles were produced as a result of the Fall. Thorns and thistles were covered in the Creator’s blood to redeem us from that very curse. The first act of God following His conversation with His children was a blood sacrifice to cover their shame (consequence of sin). Jesus despised his shame, hanging naked on a cross, became the final sacrifice to cover us all.

We were redeemed at the highest price to live in the Garden with God. "Where are you?" the Creator asks. We are fully clothed in light itself while deceived to believe that we are shamed in hiding. Ask for wisdom to see every moment as you really are - free from deception of sin and living in the Presence and intimate communion with the Creator of all that was, is and every will be. Where are you?

Enjoy Him, Michelle