Sunday, July 15, 2012


He leaned against Jesus...John 13:25a

The music was pounding. The Spirit was rushing. Worship was beginning to flow from our hearts to His. Unexpectedly, I was pulled to the side of my friend to pray. I was angled just close enough to hear the racing heart. Prayer in symphony with the human heart. Worship at its height! I began to realize the incredible moment in God. Overwhelming was the sound; rushing waters of praise was our surround.

Then Jesus spoke through the racing rhythms: “Only I can hear your heart.” Washing over me was the thought: No one can hear my heart. Even I can't hear my own heart. In fact, I generally live in forgetfulness of my heart's existence. Jesus, however, hears every symphonic motion of precious blood pumping through every moment. Jesus hears what I cannot. Jesus alone. This is God's greatest act of intimacy, to draw in close and hear me. 

From physical to personal, this was far more than blood. This was love. This was completely consuming intimacy. He hears thoughts, dreams, fears, doubts, emotions, joys, hopes, sorrows – all that I generally live in forgetfulness of existence. He draws into me to love. He draws me into Him to live.

As He leans in to hear my heart, do I lean into hear His? Intimacy with Jesus is the intertwining of perfect love. Surrendering myself, my heart, my ambitions, my desires, my affections, my love to be drawn into Him and Him alone. Hear the heart as one. 

Enjoy Him, Michelle