Saturday, June 2, 2012


"I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.” -Philippians 4:12
Plenty: portion after portion after portion of  pasta!  As the server wrapped up my 2nd helping to go, I was beyond content and thankful; it just did not end with delicious delight! With my treasure in hand, I started for home. As I pulled up to the stop light, a familiar sight strolled by my window. A young man with a sign reading “homeless and hungry."

I never give money. I rarely have food. Tonight was quite the exception. I glanced down and noticed that not only do I have food, I have delicious, hot, expensive food. More than enough for two people to share. Impulsively, I handed my precious gift to the young man. With an almost stoic face, he said, “thank you,” took the meal, laid it down, and continued to walk the median with the sign. Instead of consuming his bounty, he kept on begging. As if what he was given wasn't enough to satisfy, even for the night.

His words were not his heart. His true heart was consumed by a different desire leaving the giver disturbed in his discontent. He hadn't even opened the box. He had no idea the abundant extravagance that was inside. “What was asked for was received. Cease striving. Consume satisfaction. Rest in grace.”

I have been given the most amazing, satisfying, delicious gift of life! Why do I take this incredible gift – more than I ever asked for – and lay it aside to continue begging for more? As long as I never consume the gift of love, grace, and peace of Christ – given to me personally from the LORD'S very hand to mine – then I will always beg for more; for more will never be enough. From my hunger to His hurt: how much the Giver of this extravagance must be horribly distraught by my dismissal of His favor and gifts.

Do I gaze upon His face and be filled or continue to gaze upon my brokenness and beg? “Lay down your desires by my Shepherd's staff and take up my Presence in this place. When you ask of Me, you receive of Me. Take and eat of Me, this is my brokenness given as satisfaction for you.” 

Enjoy Him, Michelle


Michelle Iavarone said...

Very well written! My favorite so far and by far. Great story, great lesson, great connection for the reader.

Debbie Griffith said...

Love the lesson and thoughts and yes as Michelle L. said great connection to our hearts to think on....

Anonymous said...

Well put as usual my Sister.

Anonymous said...

Just read this again and sent it to more loved ones....Amazing-painful-true.... J.D.

Anonymous said...

This blog really spoke to me. We have been serving at the soup kitchen for over 5 years and it took me awhile to get over the fact that many times the people receiving the food would throw away a lot—sometimes the whole plate. They came hungry but weren’t happy with what we were serving. I had the urge to go out and complain! Then I realized that just because they were homeless and needy they had likes and dislikes just like me. Wasted food still bothers me but I do see fewer people tossing food. They may ask for a special serving of what they like—like last night a man didn’t like pasta so asked for a plate of just meatballs and green beans. Many ask for cups of meatballs for their second helpings—that doesn’t bother me. I had not put into my thought process the spiritual aspects that you so eloquently expressed. I will look differently on those I serve remembering that I am guilty of not partaking of all that my Lord offers me freely just as they refuse the food offered to them. I need to look at my own shortcomings before judging others—as Joyce Myers wrote today – stop focusing on others shortcomings and instead focus on the blessings you have been given (may not be exact words!).

As always—thank you for bringing me to a place of reflecting on my Lord and the blessings He has given to me --- and you are one of those blessings.


DD said...

So true Michelle, we always ask for more! And so often more takes us away from the things we really cherish and gives us so many more headaches!

And so often we ask for (and get) what we really don't want, just like the homeless man, asking for food, when what he really wanted was money. When we get what we are asking for, we wonder if the giver is crazy! and we really know, we are the crazy ones!

Keep writing! Love 'em all!

Anonymous said...

This was really awesome and exactly what I needed to hear. I was just thinking of this verse this am and intended to find it and meditate on it. It's no coincidence that I didn't read this post until today. I have read the whole chapter. I am going to hold all of Phillipians 4 in my heart-what a beautiful chapter of God's word. -M.A.H.

jack274 said...

wow great post!
-mike at city palm