Monday, September 12, 2011

More than Monet

For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. Ephesians 2:10

It was my first time in an art museum. I was my first time beholding the canvases and colors that once stood in the studios of art's most astounding.

First was Picasso. Abstract. Lines straight and meanings blurred. It probably made perfect sense to him in his own mind. Yet, his imaginations produced thousands of interpretations over the centuries. What is priceless genius if not practical when I walk away?

My thoughts have been called “abstract” over the years. I reflect His artistry and beauty, far beyond my own surface colorings of daily life. Here is how His design paints me. Yet, I am not made for my own museum of my own mind; I am His display to be applied to lives around me. Even now, in looking to express the thoughts of my mind, my abstract nature emerges. Picasso paints me, personally.

Then a corner is turned, in every way. From abstract to alluring. From questions to quiet. From stuttering to stunning. A Monet. As if I could walk into the painting itself. As if I could literally feel the flowers in my fingers and the breeze on my neck. Pure beauty. Not be interpreted, but to be immersed in. THIS is the life Jesus calls us to live. THIS is the life that draws us to Him. THIS is HIS beauty pouring, calling, inviting: “Walk with Me.”

Paintings are priceless, but paper. How much more is a heart and life that impacts lives day after day?  With both my mind and heart, everyday I aspire to be the masterpiece of HIS art reflected through me. As I draw closer to the Creator's hand ,be drawn in by the beauty of His heart.

Enjoy Him, Michelle


Debbie Griffith said...

You are a beautiful creation Michelle and I am so thankful for the art of you in my life!

Anonymous said...

GRACE. Unexplained and unexclamed beauty come forth in His perfect harmony and symphony. Thank you Michelle

Juneytoonz said...

Good morning... and thank you for these thoughts to begin my day. I needed to "turn the corner".

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Makes me want to go!! - J.D.

Anonymous said...

Well said! - Carolyn

Leslie Read said...

We forget the artistry within... the busy-ness of our worlds with work and all, we need to take a breather, remember the gifts He has bestowed upon us, making us each a unique piece of His plan. Thanks for the reminder... and for your artistry! :-)

Anonymous said...

The beauty of His heart was what He wants for us to know and share. The words that are used here are deep, sensitive and yet inspiring. - Nancy