Friday, February 5, 2010

Piano Prayers

I adore symphonic scores! Like millions over the centuries, nothing moves my heart like music. This week, I attended a small symphony concert featuring piano concertos, much like in the video posted below. Before entering, I asked God for more than just soaking in the sounds; I wanted to encounter Him through those moments of symphonic power. Surely God was here, and I did not want to miss Him (Genesis 28:16). He, of course, desires to reveal Himself in intimacy, majesty, beauty, and power.

The pianists were world traveled. The maestro was world renowned. The symphony was world stopping. In this concerto, the piece calls for symphony to silence while the pianist played solos. The conductor turned to face the pianist as he played. He smiled and reveled in the sound! Though was he already knew the piece, he delighted as passion poured from note to rapid fire note. The symphony then resumed and melodic majesty melded in, once more, with the pianist's performance. Sometimes together, sometimes alone, but always creating incredible music.

Then everything changed. I no longer saw the pianist at the bench; I saw me.

The symphony was my life. Each member had a different place, passion, and personality that added to the tapestry of my days. I saw family and friends playing the heartstrings and booming brass. They may not always seem to play in concert and cohesion, but in the end, they come together to create the soundtrack of my life.

In the center was both Composer and Conductor, God Himself. Not a note falls without His direction, and all would be in chaos without His guiding hand. I only play with passion when I only play for Him: no one else. Sometimes my prayers are in concert with the externals of my life, and sometimes He silences the externals to hear my prayers. He looks directly at me, smiles and revels in my voice. I only need to be present to play.

At the end of the piece, the applause was booming with cheers! In some cases, the applause is heard to the ear of the pianist; in some cases the reviews are not heard until they have left the stage (eulogy over encore). Whether those watching over my life respond or not, the conductor listens and responds with joy.

After the piece was over, the conductor reached down and lifted up the pianist to an embrace. Though I know His embrace now, this is more the scene after my final notes are played. He holds me before all of Heaven and Earth and whispers, “Well done.”

Enjoy Him, Michelle

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I love everything you write. Keep it up :)