Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Choose Life

Ramblings begin...
I was reading again today of how "The Spirit of God witnesses to the Redemption of Our Lord, He does not witness to anything else; He cannot witness to our reason." (Oswald Chambers). I am reminded that we may love Him with our heart, mind and soul, but we worship Him in the Spirit. This is how He speaks to us, how He loves us, how He lives in us. when we abandon our lives to Him, it is through His Spirit that we know agape love and how He lives His love through us. It is His Spirit that reveals to us His View of Perfect Perspective - how He longs for us to see from Heaven's view through this glass darkly, not wasting a moment in ourselves but to revel in His constant flow of Grace, Love, Joy, and Holiness. This is our Reality, not dream or hope, but the fullness of our lives realized when we believe and abandon to Him.

How much we struggle with ourselves to simply rest and come; to just be and receive; all because we insist on seeing from our own controlled and comfortable viewpoints of pride and reason - which turns to waste and regret of time lost without completion of Christ which turns to guilt and a downward spiral is...worst of all, downward instead of upward: "to come to Me." Regret and guilt are not the devastation, it's the spirit's separation. As with the Israelite at the base of the mountain, our greatest deception of idolatry is that we are in control and comfort of something that we can see and touch, but which cannot see or touch us - only hold us to death. How much we miss in our pride in neglect of the only One who truly sees us and holds onto us for dear Life. Little by little by little we either fade into death or into Life - blinded by self or seeing by Light - all in our consistent choice of abandonment to the only One who can give us all that we could ever ask or imagine, certainly all that we, or anyone or anything, can never give ourselves.

I am so humbled by His Grace and His Love. I am in such need of discipline to hear Him and to draw closer to Him and to hear Him as he truly is. He gives me so much opportunity that I squander away on distraction and selfishness. There is never enough than can be received and so much that I can abandon to Him. Everyday is decision after decision of devotion and worship: to bow to Him or to anything or anyone else. Because mine eyes have seen a love greater than life itself, I am moved to believe, abandon, trust, love and obey.

Enjoy Him, Michelle

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